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My Patriot Shield

The internet can be a scary and dangerous place. 
Identity theft is a massive criminal enterprise costing victims over $52 billion in 2021 alone.

Your My Patriot Shield Membership protects you and your personal information from cyber threats and shields you with multiple layers of protection.


Get peace of mind

Securely backup your valuable data, like contracts, family albums and more. Keep your web surfing private and away from prying eyes with bad intent. Be protected against identity theft with a $1 million insurance policy backed by AIG!


Rest easier knowing that you good name and identity are being monitored, protected, and insured. Access your exclusive member benefits at anytime, and from anywhere. 

Layer Up Your Security

Privacy Assured VPN

What you do, and where you go online is your business and no one else's. Be invisible to the prying eyes of big tech, bad actors, and foreign interests.

Secure Backups

Protect your personal data from ransomware and malware by backing it up. Our system encrypts your data then transmits the encrypted files to our secure facility so that no one but you can view your files. 

Proactive Identity Protection

One in 200 Americans reported identity theft in 2021 alone making it a clear and present danger. We protect you the way we protect our own families, with multiple layers of proactive  defense.

Identity Theft Insurance

Every year millions of Americans become victims of identity theft. While prevention is prudent, we know that sometimes it is not enough.


Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft with My Patriot Shield

Online identity theft is increasing these days rapidly. While it’s becoming easier to share information online to stay connected with friends and family, protection against identity theft is becoming more challenging.

Our personal information, including maiden names, birth dates, and family details, is easily accessible to identity thieves. To counter this, My Patriot Shield helps folks by alerting them in case their identity is at risk. 

At My Patriot Shield, we understand how identity theft can affect your life and safety in multiple ways. This is why we offer the best identity monitoring and theft protection services for our clients. Secure yourself online today with My Patriot Shield!

Why Choose My Patriot Shield

At My Patriot Shield, we offer the best identity theft protection. We proactively secure you with enhanced digital security to keep online threats, identity theft, and fraud at bay. 

With us, you’ll get faster alerts, maximum insurance, ongoing communication, and excellent customer support to help you during a crisis. With our identity monitoring and theft protection services, you can rest assured that your personal information and finances are fully secure.   

It’s important to keep in mind, though, that identity theft can cost you a lot, so investing in protecting with a My Patriot Shield membership where identity protection is a priority. However, we offer affordable plan for our customers to make identity protection more accessible.

The Danger is Real

Get protection before you pay a higher price and suffer regret.

Identities theft incidents in 2021

79% increase over 2020

*Study by Javelin Strategy & Research

Average Cost per Incident in 2021

Up from $201 in 2020

*Study by Javelin Strategy & Research

Ransomware Incidents In 2021

92.7% increase over 2020

*Statiscits from

My Patriot Shield


We believe that you deserve privacy and to be secure online. But digital security can be expensive and tricky. So we packaged our favorite best-in-class services to bring you the high class security and privacy you deserve without breaking the bank.