The online world is full of bad actors doing real world harm. My Patriot Shield gives you the strategy, tools, and support to safeguard yourself online. 

Layer Up Your Security

Privacy Assured VPN

What you do, and where you go online is your business and no one else's. Be invisible to the prying eyes of big tech, bad actors, and foreign interests.

Secure Backups

Protect your personal data from ransomware and malware by backing it up. Our system encrypts your data then transmits the encrypted files to our secure facility so that no one but you can view your files. 

Proactive Identity Protection

One in 200 Americans reported identity theft in 2021 alone making it a clear and present danger. We protect you the way we protect our own families, with multiple layers of proactive  defense.

Identity Theft Insurance

Every year millions of Americans become victims of identity theft. While prevention is prudent, we know that sometimes it is not enough.