Privacy assured VPN

Online Privacy Assured

What you do, and where you go online is your business and no one else’s. Block your online activity from the prying eyes of big tech, bad actors, and foreign interests.

Using the internet these days is more dangerous than ever, with many types of cyberthreats. There is only one true way to use the internet privately, and that is with a VPN or Virtual Private Network.

MyPatriotShield’s privacy assured VPN allows you to browse the internet worry-free. Protect your browsing experience along with your financial and personal data. 


Blocks tracking and collection of your browsing history from:

  • Government agencies
  • Marketers
  • Internet service providers
  • Other Big Tech

Step 1

Download and install the My Patriot Shield Privacy Assured VPN.

Step 2

When you want to browse securely, activate the VPN.

Step 3

Enjoy protection on the go browsing safely even on public wifi.

Browse Safely With The Best Secure VPN Service

From essential information to entertainment, accessing the internet is important for all. This access should not come at the cost of your privacy, which is why My Patriot Shield’s secure VPN service is essential for you.

Without a secure VPN, your online activity is easily traceable to hackers and identity thieves. A secure VPN for data protection keeps you safe from such exposure and protects your personal data at all times.

With My Patriot Shield’s secure VPN service, you can:

  • Secure your browsing history
  • Ensure your internet connection is secure
  • Easily bypass any geographical restrictions
  • Change your location
  • Keep your identity hidden from ISP tracking
  • Access restricted channels and websites

Your My Patriot Shield Membership protects you and your personal information from cyber threats and shields you with multiple layers of protection.

My Patriot Shield


We believe that you deserve to be secure online. But digital security can be expensive and tricky. So we packaged our favorite best in class services to bring you the high class security services you deserve without breaking the bank.