Privacy Policy

Overview: This document details FocalPoynt LLC’s (A limited liability company based in Arizona) dba My Patriot Shield’s Privacy Policy, i.e., the privacy rules that apply to personal information and all other data submitted by you or collected automatically when you (the user) access the site or use our services. This policy applies to all kinds of devices (computers, tablets, phones, etc.) used to access My Patriot Shield.

This document aims to inform users of the information—including personal data—that is collected when accessing this website or using any of our other services. It also aims to help you understand the purpose of collecting such information and how it’s collected, used, stored, and shared. You can also read this Privacy Policy to learn about the rights you may exercise as the user to access the information, check its accuracy, and edit or erase it.

In addition, this Privacy Policy elaborates on the security measures taken to keep your information confidential or safe. You can also contact the team at My Patriot Shield with any complaints or queries you have regarding this document and its contents at

Generally, our data collection is geared toward minimal and necessary collection to provide users with top-notch services. Our systems are designed to safeguard our customer’s personal and sensitive data.

We urge users to read this Privacy Policy document in conjunction with the Terms and Conditions laid out by My Patriot Shield. Both documents are legally binding agreements for users using the website and its services. They are to be read carefully and in their entirety. It is entirely your responsibility as the user to read and understand the Privacy Policy before using our services.

By continuing to use the site, you automatically agree to us collecting, using, storing, and sharing your information based on this policy. If you do not agree with any or all of the clauses in this Privacy Policy, you may not use this website or its services.

Information Collection:  My Patriot Shield collects information to a limited scope to provide personalized services and maximize the website’s functionality. The information is collected in two main ways:

Information You Provide Yourself:  A lot of information collected by My Patriot Shield is information you enter when filling out forms on the website or when subscribing to plans. This typically includes your name, phone number, and email address. Other types of information provided by the user are through contact via chat, email, or phone, or through publicly submitted reviews and feedback.

Email Address:  Your email address is part of the information you provide when registering on our website. It’s a necessary part of account creation for using our site and services. It also helps us communicate with users effectively. We will use your email to send you essential information and updates related to our website and its services or your usage-related information. In addition, this email address will also be used for queries and inquiry responses as well as to share marketing content with you.

Payment Data:  If you’re using our paid services, you will need to provide payment information. This is necessary for us to collect payments easily. For all payment processing and refunds, some basic billing information will be required. This will include the card holder’s name, credit card information, ZIP code, IP address, and the date of purchase.

Information That Is Collected Automatically:  This is the information that’s picked up automatically when you visit our website or other affiliated sites.  This is mainly information related to the devices you’re using, and it may include the device type, location, IP address, and browser type. The information is collected using cookies and several other tracking methods.

Access Logs:  Our site collects access logs which is a common practice across the internet. This includes information such as IP address, operating system details, and browser type. The access logs allow us to ensure the excellent performance of our website. It also helps in countering DDoS attacks, hacking attempts, and other similar threats.

Cookies:  Most cookies we use are essential for our website to function optimally. Pixels, cookies, and other such tracking technologies are placed on your device when you visit My Patriot Shield or other websites. They help improve the website’s operations and services. Cookies are also used for advertising purposes and to identify referred customers so that the referrers (affiliated sites) can be compensated accordingly.

Use of Information:  The information that is collected from you is used in several different ways. Here are some specific purposes outlined:

To Provide Services Effectively:  In order to provide our services effectively, we require some limited personal and other information, including but not limited to your email address, encrypted password, IP address, and so on. This may also include information about your device. The information is critical to ensure compliance and smooth provision of services.  The information collected initially is also essential to help you register and create an account. It may also pertain to the essential payment processes that will allow you to access the services. This is part of the legally binding contract that you choose to enter with My Patriot Shield. Without this essential information, the site can not function optimally for you, and therefore our team cannot provide you with any of our services.

To Improve the User Experience:  The information that is collected from you helps us maintain excellent quality of services and the required support to help resolve any issues. We monitor usage closely to collect crash reports and diagnostics information. This may also include performance information, the frequency of use on your part, and any failed connection attempts. It’s important to note that none of this information is uniquely identifiable. It is only used to enhance user experience in general.  However, if users face issues accessing the services, we may require additional information regarding the device to resolve such problems. This is subject to explicit consent by the user.  The legal basis for processing any of your personal information is strictly linked and limited to the accurate analysis and improvement of our site’s performance to enhance your experience.

To Establish and Improve Communication Methods:  Much of the contact information shared with My Patriot Shield is used to share important information and updates related to our services. We also use your email addresses and contact numbers to get in touch with responses to your queries, complaints, and questions. The sole purpose of collecting your contact information is to establish contact to streamline communication and customer support for you.

For Marketing and Advertising Purposes:  We may collect or receive information related to your internet activity or site usage from our advertising partners for marketing purposes. This helps us deliver highly relevant ads and promotional content to you that is more accurately aligned with your interests.

For Payment and Legal Processes:  Like any other site, we are subject to tax, accounting, and several other relevant statutory requirements. At any point during our contract, we may have to protect our legal rights and legitimate interest. In such cases, it may be necessary for us to collect and store certain information from users, including legal documents, payment information, email address, and subscription details.  We have legal obligations we’re subjected to, which remains our legal basis for processing such personal information. Our aim here is to legitimately defend our legal rights and interests.

Sharing of Information:  We may be required to share your information with third parties, including outside parties, for several reasons.  In some cases, we may share information with service providers that offer hosting or maintenance services. This ensures optimal performance for users. We may also share information with regulatory or legal authorities. This is only done under special circumstances and is generally a rare occurrence. We may also share your personal and sensitive information with third parties when we have your explicit consent to do so.

Users’ Rights:  As a user, you have several rights when it comes to the information we collect from you automatically or otherwise:

    • You can access the information by requesting a detailed copy of our collection.
    • You may request for corrections to be made to your information.
    • You may request that the information we have related to you may be deleted from our records.
    • You may request that your information may not be processed.
    • You may withdraw your consent linked to information processing at any point in time.

Data Retention Policy:  My Patriot Shield reserves the right to retain any information provided by you or collected by us automatically for as long as we require it for any of the purposes mentioned in the privacy policy.

Modifications to Privacy Policy:  My Patriot Shield may modify and update this Privacy Policy document as they deem fit and at any point in time. You may be alerted to any changes by email; however, you are encouraged to review this document periodically to stay updated about the Privacy Policy.

Contact Us:  Users may contact us via email at in case there are questions or concerns related to this Privacy Policy that you’d like our team to address.