Terms and Conditions

Renewal Conditions:  By joining this plan, you are authorizing FocalPoynt LLC (a limited liability company based in Arizona) dba My Patriot Shield to bill your credit card or checking account for the plan you have selected. This charge shall remain in force until you notify My Patriot Shield in writing or via email of your cancellation. By joining, you indicate you have agreed to the terms and conditions of the plan. This plan will automatically renew at the end of your membership term on an annual or monthly basis, and your credit card or bank account will be automatically charged or drafted for the appropriate amount.  Upon enrolling in the service you will be billed an introductory trial fee, every month or year following your trial term you will be billed the membership term fee unless you contact us and request to cancel.

Cancellation Conditions: You have the right to terminate your plan(s) at any time. You may cancel by emailing us at support@mypatriotshield.com or writing to My Patriot Shield at 12232 N. 37th St., Phoenix, AZ 85032  All cancellation requests will be handled in a reasonable amount of time and no later than 14 days after receiving the cancellation notice. If you cancel this Agreement during your trial period, you will not owe any membership fee. If you discontinue your membership at any time after the trial period, you will not be billed anything further.

Refund Policy: My Patriot Shield is committed to providing the highest quality product and assistance to our members. If you aren’t completely satisfied contact us during the trial period and you will be refunded your initial fee. If you discontinue your plan anytime after the trial term, you are not eligible for a refund but you will not be billed anything further.

Description of Services: Please see the welcome email you received or review the mypatriotshield.com website for specific descriptions of the program that you have purchased.  Or you can always email us at support@mypatriotshield.com and we can assist you with any support that you need.

Termination Conditions: My Patriot Shield reserves the right to terminate members from its plan for any reason, including non-payment.

Authorized Users:  My Patriot Shield and its services are for authorized non-commercial and personal use. The VPN service should not be used for any unauthorized or illegal activities. Any activity that may overburden, disable, damage, alter, or impair the site is forbidden.  The services offered by My Patriot Shield are exclusively designed and provided for use by person(s). Any accounts created by automated methods such as bots will be considered unauthorized and will be terminated.

Intellectual Property:  The content displayed on the website, including images, text, logos, graphics, and software,is owned by My Patriot Shield, its licensors, or FocalPoynt LLC, a limited liability company based in Arizona. Furthermore, all content is protected by intellectual property and copyright laws.  Use of any content on this website for commercial purposes without written permission from My Patriotic Shield will be considered a violation of our terms and services and may result in a suspension of your account or other consequences.

Governing Law:  The terms and conditions outlined here are governed in their entirety by the substantive laws of the state of Arizona. Any and all claims, controversies, or disputes linked to the terms and conditions are subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Arizona.

Modifications to Terms and Conditions:  My Patriot Shield may modify and update this Terms and Conditions document as they deem fit and at any point in time. You may be alerted to any changes by email; however, you are encouraged to review this document periodically to stay updated about the Terms and Conditions.

Contact Us:  Users may contact us via email at support@mypatriotshield.com in case there are questions or concerns related to these Terms and Conditions that you’d like our team to address.