About Us

We believe that you deserve to be secure online. But digital security can be expensive and tricky. So we packaged our favorite best in class services to bring you the high class security services you deserve without breaking the bank.

Born From Need

We founded My Patriot Shield to address a problem that hit us close to home. We saw our friends and members of our family fall victim to identity theft, ransomware attacks, and fraud. We saw where we could apply our 40+ years of experience to keep people safe online.

The My Patriot Shield Team

Our Leadership Team is composed of seasoned technology executives and consultants, each bringing decades of experience in designing secure networks and software systems. Specializing in robust infrastructures that prioritize security and data management.

Our core is a team of technology professionals with a collective experience spanning over six decades in security, network and software system design. Our expertise lies in crafting robust infrastructures that prioritize security and privacy above all else.

Our team, composed of experts in various fields of technology, has a shared history of tackling complex challenges in network security, payment processing, and data management. We believe in a collaborative approach, where every team member’s contribution is vital to our mission of providing top-tier security solutions.

We are driven by a commitment to excellence and a dedication to protecting our members’ digital lives. Our services, including a state-of-the-art VPN, secure backup solutions, and comprehensive identity theft insurance backed by AIG, are designed with the utmost attention to detail and an unwavering focus on reliability and user trust.

At My Patriot Shield, we understand the importance of digital security in today’s world. Our commitment is to offer peace of mind through effective, straightforward and dependable services. We invite you become a member and join us in our journey towards a more secure digital future.

Layer Up Your Security

Privacy Assured VPN

What you do, and where you go online is your business and no one else's. Be invisible to the prying eyes of big tech, bad actors, and foreign interests.

Secure Backups

Protect your personal data from ransomware and malware by backing it up. Our system encrypts your data then transmits the encrypted files to our secure facility so that no one but you can view your files. 

Proactive Identity Protection

One in 200 Americans reported identity theft in 2021 alone making it a clear and present danger. We protect you the way we protect our own families, with multiple layers of proactive  defense.

Identity Theft Insurance

Every year millions of Americans become victims of identity theft. While prevention is prudent, we know that sometimes it is not enough.