What is My Patriot Shield?

My Patriot Shield is a service dedicated to protecting individuals from identity theft through proactive monitoring and multiple layers of cybersecurity. We offer a comprehensive suite of services to ensure your online identity and personal information are secure.

How does My Patriot Shield protect me?

We use a variety of tools to protect your identity, including:

  • Proactive Monitoring: We continuously monitor your personal information to quickly detect any unauthorized or suspicious activity and alert you at the first sign of trouble.
  • Privacy Assured VPN: This service keeps your online activities private from prying eyes, including hackers and surveillance.
  • Secure Backups: We encrypt and back up your personal data, such as contracts and family photos, to protect against ransomware and other malware.
  • Identity Theft Insurance backed by AIG: Provides financial protection and assistance in case of identity theft.
Can I access member benefits from anywhere?

Yes, as a member of My Patriot Shield, you can access your exclusive benefits at any time and from any location. Our services are designed to provide continuous protection and peace of mind.

How do I sign up?

You can join My Patriot Shield by visiting our website and clicking the ‘Get Protected Now’ button. Follow the simple sign-up process to start protecting your identity immediately.

What happens if I become a victim of identity theft?

My Patriot Shield is equipped with resources to support you in the event of identity theft. This includes access to a $1 million insurance policy backed by AIG to help recover from financial losses and a dedicated customer support team to guide you through the recovery process.

The Web Portal

Sign Up

Getting protection is fast and easy. Visit https://sign-up.mypatriotshield.com/ to sign up today. 

We’ve assembled a suite of top-tier, easy-to-use online security solutions, handpicked by experts with decades of experience in online security and internet technologies to keep you safe and secure online.

Get peace of mind by securely backing up your valuable data, keeping your web surfing private, identity theft monitoring, and identity theft insurance.

Sign In

Our secure sign in process does not rely on you remembering a complex password. 

Simply enter your email address, then check your email for a secure link, and click to access your portal.

Sign Out

Remember, everywhere you sign in for your security you should sign out when you are done. We strongly recommend you do the same here. Just click the circle with your initials in the top right of the portal and click to Sign Out.

This is so important to us that we also added a convenient Sign Out button to the main menu accessible on the left hand menu. On smaller mobile devices this can be found in the hamburger menu (an icon made up of 3 horizontal lines).


Earning Rewards

Rewards are our way of saying thank you. You can earn rewards through special promotions and referrals (COMING SOON)! 

Visit the My Rewards page in your portal to access your rewards.

Claiming Rewards

Rewards are our way of saying thank you. You can easily claim your rewards either through email or by accessing our online portal.


Activate MaxiVPN

You are one step closer to keeping your online presence safe and secure.  To download and activate your VPN software,  Log into the portal and under ‘Member Benefits’, click on Privacy VPN, and follow the instructions.

Activate CLC IDProtect Monitoring and Insurance

To get started with your identity monitoring and identity insurance enrollment. Log into the portal, and under ‘Member Benefits’, click ‘Insurance and Monitoring’. Then just follow the instructions.

Activate Back-it-Here

To get started with your personal data backups log into the portal, and under ‘Member Benefits’, click ‘Secure Backups’.  From here you can setup your username and password. You can also find buttons to download the apps for your desktop devices.

Layer Up Your Security

Privacy Assured VPN

What you do, and where you go online is your business and no one else's. Be invisible to the prying eyes of big tech, bad actors, and foreign interests.

Secure Backups

Protect your personal data from ransomware and malware by backing it up. Our system encrypts your data then transmits the encrypted files to our secure facility so that no one but you can view your files. 

Proactive Identity Protection

One in 200 Americans reported identity theft in 2021 alone making it a clear and present danger. We protect you the way we protect our own families, with multiple layers of proactive  defense.

Identity Theft Insurance

Every year millions of Americans become victims of identity theft. While prevention is prudent, we know that sometimes it is not enough.