Proactive Identity Protection

Watch, Defend, Know

One in 200 Americans reported identity theft in 2021 alone making it a clear and present danger. We protect our Members the way we protect ourselves with multiple layers of proactive  defense.

Our service monitors and alerts our Members about high risk transactions, suspicious Social Security activity, credit & debit card fraud, personal data exposure, fraudulent change of address attempts, and email breaches.

Safeguarding your identity: 24/7/365.

Active Monitoring for:

  • High Risk Transactions
  • Social Security Fraud
  • Credit & Debit Card Fraud
  • Personal Data Exposure
  • Fraudulent Change of Address
  • Email Breaches

Defensive Strategy

High Risk Transaction Monitoring

CLC’s monitoring technologies detect transactions attempting to use “out-of-wallet” knowledge-based authentication questions. Examples include bank password resets and credit card activations. Before any significant action is confirmed, you can verify whether the attempt is legitimate or fraudulent. An alert can be sent to the third-party transaction, possibly cancelling the activity.

24/7 Social Security Monitoring

Monitors Social Security number (SSN) for suspicious activity. Real-time alerts are sent to help stop any unauthorized SSN use attempts.

24/7 Credit & Debit Card Monitoring

Patrols the internet for fraudulent activity including (but not limited to) credit card numbers, debit card numbers, PIN numbers, and other personal information on the dark web.

24/7 Data Sweep Monitoring

Real-time alerts to detect exposed personal information online. Personal information may include name, phone numbers, and addresses.

Change of Address Monitoring

Monitors for when mail has been redirected through the United States Postal Service (USPS). You can then view whether the change of address is legitimate or not.

Email Breach Scan

Submit an email address and instantly verify whether it has been associated with a security incident – and if personal information is at risk.

ID Threat Score

An estimate of your vulnerability to identity theft through a scale ranking. The score provides real-time analysis of identity fraud threats based on proprietary algorithms and data scans across the dark web, financial institutions, insurance companies, health care organizations, and public records.

Account Alert Notifications

Set-up personalized alerts to get real-time account activity notifications via email/text. For suspicious alerts, confront the activity at its source or contact CLC’s Fraud Resolution Specialist team.

Your My Patriot Shield Membership protects you and your personal information from cyber threats and shields you with multiple layers of protection.

My Patriot Shield


We believe that you deserve to be secure online. But digital security can be expensive and tricky. So we packaged our favorite best in class services to bring you the high class security services you deserve without breaking the bank.